What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have never felt this welcome anywhere I have been in my life. This house and these people make me feel safe."

"I feel so welcome here.  I don't feel judged at all. You are so kind and nonjudgmental. Everyone in my family is mad and yelling at me for getting pregnant but you are trying to help me out. You are listening and caring about what I am saying and what I am going through. Thank you so much."

"I want to thank you for talking to me.  Everyone I know is trying to help my girlfriend but you are the only one that listened to how I am feeling. Thank you for helping me understand that what I am feeling is normal for a soon to be Father."   

"The ladies here at Hope have given me hope.  I came in here and felt like I couldn't breathe.  I had no idea what to do to help my 15 year old pregnant daughter.  You were all so kind.  Two ladies counseled my daughter and one lady took me aside and counseled me and my husband, too.  I will never forget the kindness and the help you all offered.  It was just what I needed to cope with our family situation. I also appreciate that I was able to attend parenting classes with my daughter. We both learned so much."

"I liked that I could be open with [my counselor]. She did not judge anything that I shared with her." 

"I love how personal it is. I didn't feel like a number. [My counselor] was amazing, and I felt very comfortable and taken care of." 

“The friendliness and comfort level is helping me not to feel alone. All the information was helpful.” 

"We came her 9 months ago because we needed positive proof of pregnancy for medicaid.  We had no money and no insurance. Someone had told us Hope could help us and you did. Then we attended the eight parenting classes  TWO times. The counselors and the teachers of the classes were always there for us when we had questions.  We ended up having the baby at 28 weeks.  The baby did well for 2 months and then unexpectedly passed away. We came to Hope to let the counselors know what had happened. They took us in and talked to us and cried with us. They also prayed for us and our precious baby that we lost. It was what we needed.  We came back and brought all of the things that we had bought with our "Baby Bucks" during parenting classes. We donated them to Hope because we had received so much support from all of you while we were pregnant and after our loss.  We will always remember you all." 

"Counselors take the time out to see what you need to be more successful and help assist with any issues." 

“I had no idea what to expect when I took my daughter to HOPE for the first time. What we found was an amazing amount of support, education, laughter and well, HOPE, that we would make it through this very difficult time." 

"Please do not ever stop this program.  It is such a wonderful place for unsure mothers such as myself." 

"What an amazing night last night at the "Surrendering the Secret" post abortion bible study - the great exchange, and wonderful individual prayer. Truly have some awesome and powerful women of God pouring into my life. Like a sponge I am just soaking it up so that when God sees fit to squeeze me I am full of Him to pour out on them! Ready in season and out!" - Abortion Recovery Participant

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