Parent Preparation

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When facing parenthood, our clients often have two big concerns: 

“I don’t know anything about babies. How am I ever going to know what to do?” and “Babies are expensive and need so many things. How will I ever be able to provide these things?"

Parent preparation is the answer to both questions. By enrolling in this program, you get to learn how to become the best parent you can possibly be, and at the same time earn some of the things you need to care for the physical needs of your baby.

The Parent prep training DVDs and teacher-taught lessons are viewed in a comfortable room with comfortable seating. The topics range from pregnancy and baby care to managing your money. Topics are varied and are incredibly informative. When finished, you will get to discuss the video or lecture. With each lesson, you can earn Mommy Money, Daddy Dollars, or Baby Bucks that can be used to "buy" items from Hannah's Closet. 

The following is a list of common items found in Hannah's Closet:

Diapers Bath Items
Blankets Sleepers
Onesies Outerwear
Shoes Crib Sheets
Formula Pack N Plays
Strollers Swings

*Item availability is subject to community donations


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