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When Did I Conceive?

When Did I Conceive?

So, you’re pregnant. But on what date did I conceive and how can I know who the father is? 

While there’s no hard science to find the absolute moment of conception, like with your period, there are timed rhythms and cycles that can help you determine – with close proximation – when you conceived.


What Date Did I Conceive?

Whether you’re 2 or 20 weeks into your pregnancy, there’s some simple math you can perform to confidently know around the time you conceived. 

On average, there are two-to-three days when you ovulate – the time when your body can get pregnant – each menstrual cycle. This occurs about two weeks after your last period started.

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Conception Date Calculator

By calculating the time since your last period, you can get a rough idea of your ovulation window and, hence, when you conceived.

If that math is a little rough to do in your own head, there are free online calculators to help, or you can give us a text at 254-602-4321.

Again, this is just a rough approximation. It’s important to remember that each woman’s menstrual cycle and ovulation window is different. Some ovulate for longer periods of time than others. Some have theirs earlier or later during their menstrual cycle.

Additionally, sometimes sex before the ovulation window begins can still lead to pregnancy. That is because sperm can survive for up to five days, meaning pre-ovulation sperm can still fertilize an egg if it lasts long enough.


Conception Date from the Ultrasound

Another way to determine the conception date is through an ultrasound. Fetuses tend to grow at a consistent rate, which means the age of the fetus can, quite literally, be measured. As such, an ultrasound can give a more accurate date range than an ovulation calculator.

Having an ultrasound not only helps you know when you conceived but can also confirm the viability of the fetus.


Not sure when you conceived? Figure out when you conceived and confirm the viability of your fetus with a free ultrasound.


You can have an ultrasound performed at your local OBGYN office, however, there’s usually paperwork and billing involved. Alternatively, your local pregnancy center may be able to offer free ultrasound services without the need for hospitals or insurance companies to get involved.


Get Help Determining Your Conception Date

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