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How Much Is An Abortion?

How Much Is An Abortion?

If you’re considering having an abortion, there are plenty of factors to consider:

Why do I want an abortion?
Will my family and friends support my decision?
How can I have an abortion legally?

But among other questions is one of price: How much does an abortion cost?

In this blog, we’ll review the types of abortion available to you and the cost of each of those options, as well as some other options to consider.


Available Abortion Options

Since the Supreme Court overturned its previous ruling on Roe v. Wade, the legality of having an abortion has pivoted to being dependent on each state individually.

Depending on how far along your pregnancy is, you’ll have the choice between a surgical or medical abortion.

A surgical abortion is an outpatient procedure performed by a doctor to manually terminate and remove the fetus.

A medical abortion – frequently called the abortion pill – uses medication to terminate and eject the fetus from your body. A medical abortion can only safely be performed within 70 days of gestation.

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How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

If you are far enough along in your pregnancy that a surgical abortion is the only option, the cost of such a procedure will vary greatly. For one, if surgical abortions are illegal where you live, you will need to facilitate travel costs to go to a state where it’s legal.

Secondly, costs will vary depending on the procedure needed. Additionally, the amount covered by insurance will vary based on your provider.

As such, you can expect an abortion to cost around $1000 as a starting point, but it could be thousands more to account for travel costs, medications, and other expenses.


Abortion Pill Cost

One area of cost that’s hard to define is that of an abortion pill. If you’ve done any research online, you’ve likely seen costs as low as free and as expensive as $800 for an abortion pill.

There’s also the matter of shipping costs, which can be expensive. Since a medical abortion is a matter of sensitive timing, delivery must be rushed to get to you on time. Additionally, some abortion pills are shipped internationally, which increases the time to delivery and the cost.

But even if you’ve found the pricing, you’ve likely found that the steps in actually getting ahold of an abortion pill are a little complicated. This is due to the legality of the abortion pill in your area.

Ordering the Abortion Pill Online

If the abortion pill is illegal where you live, you are taking a legal risk in using the medication and having it shipped to you.

Even if the abortion pill is illegal where you live, online retailers will still try to accommodate you. They put the burden on you to take on the legal and medical risks of taking the pill.

Another potential danger of ordering the abortion pill online is where you’re getting it from. For example, there are plenty of affordable retailers in places like India that are willing to sell you the pill. Still, these medications are largely unregulated and are not approved by the FDA.

Lastly, there is a potential danger in administering the abortion pill yourself. Even if you are able to get an abortion pill sent to you, taking the pill without the assistance of medical professionals can lead to misusing the medication either in the application or in timing.


Free Abortion Consultation from Hope Pregnancy Center

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